This is how it all began….

It’s funny how you find yourself on a new adventure that 3 months prior you would have told someone “we would never do that”. And you discover 3 months later you did do that, and there is a whole new travel world out there that awaits you!

We are a retired couple who for the most part are very active. We like to socialize, play golf, and travel. When COVID hit and restrictions were implemented, we had to get creative to keep ourselves safely active and busy.

We had read about e-bikes, and decided to test them out. Needless to say, we very quickly purchased two Magnum® foldable e-bikes which we love, love, love! We discovered bike trails in our area that we never knew existed and are able to ride 40 miles at a time which we could not otherwise do without the pedal assist.

Having exhausted all the local trails, our next step was to venture outside of our area to ride. We had heard about the Mississippi River Trail. Given the distance from our home, it couldn’t be done in one day. We would need to spend a night somewhere. We felt camping was a safe, COVID, worry free option. We purchased a tent and all the paraphernalia. Craig really enjoyed the experience of tent camping, Jan was one and done!!

So we started researching other options. We didn’t know the first thing about RV’s and never had an interest in purchasing one. We are “hotel” kind of people. On a whim, the RV research started. We wanted something that had a simple learning curve, easy to tow and low maintenance, would fit in our garage, and featured most of the comforts of home. The Aliner® Classic popup trailer met all the criteria. We purchased one in October and have already taken two wonderfully fun trips in it.

We are still in the discovery phase and are starting this blog to share technical tips we learned along the way, organizing ideas for small spaces, and RV sites we would recommend.

Be sure to follow us! And, PLEASE feel free to comment on our posts. Craig & Jan

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